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Zenya Amou
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Race Synthister
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 182 cm
Weight 68 kg
Professional Status
Occupation Constituent member of the organization
Affiliation The Organization
Personal Status
Hobbies [Classified]
Special Ability Being the first to know and the last to share
Likes Up-and-coming world class pop idols.
Dislikes Those who know more about the things he loves than he does.
Voice Actors
Japanese Daichi Kanbara

Zenya Amou ("Zenya Amo") | Amou Zenya 天羽 禅夜 (あもう ぜんや)

Zenya Amou is a character in Akiba's Trip 2 / Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed


A constituent member of what's become known as "the organization" -- the requisite evil group behind the Synthister epidemic in Akihabara. He was formerly a regular businessman and a die-hard otaku, joining up with "the bad guys" in pursuit of a bigger paycheck (so he could spend more on his hobbies). His job, by all appearances, is to gather humans under false pretenses to be transformed into Synthisters. (Name) is one of the unfortunate victims of this obvious yet all-too-alluring snare.