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Yoshino Saionji
Yoshino Saionji.jpg
Race Human / Delusion
Gender Female
Age 28
Professional Status
Occupation Maid
Affiliation Sanada Family
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Hibiku Yamamura
English Lauren Landa

Yoshino Saionji (西園寺ヨシノ Saionji Yoshino) is a major character and serves as a maid character in Akiba's Beat. She is a 28 year-old woman who comes from the distinguished Saionji family. She works for the Sanada family and is the personal attendant of their only daughter, Kotomi Sanada. Having served the family for over ten years, ever since she was 18 years-old and Kotomi was a 7 year-old, she has grown fond of Kotomi—enough to follow her around, be happy on her behalf and have a secret collection of Kotomi photos. She has also witnessed Kotomi as a rich child have no friends and comfort herself with paper dolls.