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The following is a list of quotations from Touko.

Conversations at MOGRA[]

Interacting with Touko causes her character to say these following quotes:

Chapter 1[]

  • Main Missions 1-13
Main Mission Title Quote Partner
Main Mission 2 Off to the Battle Arena

"Hurry it up, let's go!"

"Pretty sure you already know this, but don't be a pain to Shizuku." Shizuku
"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Kati
Main Mission 6 Rin's Street Performance "Rin's music is perfect for studying. Whenever a new song comes out, I've gotta buy it right away!" Touko
Main Mission 7 Shopping with Kati on the Side Streets "I hope we can actually stay and LISTEN for the next Rin concert, you feel me?" Kati
Main Mission 8 Patrol Junk Street with Shizuku

"We have to protect Akiba with our own two hands!"

Patrol the Radio Kaikan Area Alone "We have to protect Akiba ourselves!" N/A
Main Mission 10 Train at the Battle Arena "Amo's the name of the guy that turned you Synthister, right? I'd like to give him a proper introduction to my fists." Touko

Chapter 2[]

  • Main Missions 14-22
Main Mission Title Quote Partner
Main Mission 15 Go to Akimori Shrine with Shizuku "All that training really came in handy, you know? Amo's a goner for sure!" Shizuku
Main Mission 16 Head to Akihabara Park "So Shizuku's not human? She's a... What was it? Nighteater? I'm getting more and more confused by the minute..." Touko
Main Mission 17 Deliver the Goods "Shizuku's acting weird... I wonder what's up." N/A
Main Mission 18 Cosplay Fest Begins! "Looks like Shizuku's taken a liking to cosplay. I just don't get it..."
Main Mission 19 Patrol Main Street Southwest with Kaito "It'd be great if we at least had a clue where the hell the organization's hideout could be."
Main Mission 20 Proceed As Instructed to Akimori Shrine "Hmm? You going out for a walk? Don't stay out too late."
Main Mission 21 Patrol Yodobashi Area with Shizuku "Who would've guessed Rin of all people would be knee-deep in all this Synthister crap too?" Shizuku
Main Mission 22 To the Battle Arena, Where Zenya Amo Awaits! "I won't let them get away with hurting any more innocent people! Knock 'em dead for me, got it?"

Chapter 3[]

  • Main Missions 23-27
  • The conversations in MOGRA will be a bit different depending on which route you get.
  • Depending on which route you're on, you will patrol with someone different.
Main Mission Title Quote Route
Main Mission 23 Patrol Main Street Southwest with Tohko "I don't give a damn who's controlling the Synthisters. I'll do everything I can to protect this town!" Tohko
Patrol Akihabara Park with Shizuku "Who would've guessed the one controlling the Synthisters was someone Shizuku knows... This really complicates things." Shizuku
Patrol Main Street Northwest with Rin Rin
Patrol Junk Street with Rin and Kati "I wonder what Soga's really up to here. Doesn't seem like your average guy in Akiba." Shion
Main Mission 24 Hurry to the Suit Store with Touko "We owe a ton to Ms. Kasugai. Akiba Freedom Fighters, move out!" Tohko
Hurry to the Suit Store with Shizuku Shizuku
Hurry to the Suit Store with Rin Rin
Go to Akihabara Park with Ms. Kasugai "I really hope Kati's okay... I can't get a hold of her by phone and my emails just keep bouncing back." Shion
Main Mission 25 Help Tohko Pick Out a Smartphone "The sofmap on Main Street, right? Let's check it out!" Tohko
Go Figurine Shopping with Shizuku "Shopping, huh? Maybe I should go check out some new shoes." Shizuku
Head to the Accessory Shop "I-I'm only cosplaying because they asked me to!" Rin
Main Mission 26 Pass Rin's Challenge "Let's head out to the Outdoor Battle Arena." Tohko
See What Ms. Kasugai is Up To "Ms. Kasugai and Shizuku are acting all buddy-buddy, it seems. Since when did they get so friendly?" Shizuku
Stop Tohko's Rampage! "Ugh...I'm sorry! I'm dead weight here..." Rin
Main Mission 27 Meet with Managing Director Sakaguchi "I knew that director was pretty weak, but who knew he was such a scumbag on top of it?" Tohko


  • ...I have a lot of nice memories in Akiba.
  • Akiba never stops changing, huh?
  • Hard to believe this town has something evil lurking underneath...
  • I won't let them do whatever they want to Akiba!
  • It would be nice if we could settle this case swiftly.
  • Never figured that the Freedom Fighters would be this busy...
  • Remember when we used to play around here?
  • Since we're here, I want to go have fun.
  • This place just really feels like home, doesn't it?
  • We've got a lot to take care of, so what's first on the itinerary?
  • Where are we going? Remember, you've still got work to do.
  • Why not do some training at the arena for any upcoming battles?



  • Battle mode. Press start to begin!
  • I'm pretty strong, so I hope you're ready!
  • I've got a kick-ass fighting style, and I'm not afraid to use it!
  • Let's just get this over with.
  • Okay! Here I go!


  • Crap! I'm being targeted!
  • Don't let your guard down until it's all over!
  • Don't worry about bowing out if things seem too risky.
  • Eyes up front! Keep focused!
  • I won't hold back!
  • I'm gonna go all out!
  • If you're worried about getting knocked out, just run away.
  • Let's show them our combined power!
  • Now, what move would be a good finisher...?
  • There are enemies everywhere...
  • This one's totally weak!


  • Hmm... Let's take a little break.
  • A winner is me!
  • All right. Feelin' A-OK!
  • I'm just getting warmed up.
  • Evasion and defense are half the battle.
  • Lightning Spin Drive Smasher! Or...something...
  • Not bad.
  • Ten points for effort, I guess...


Character Quote
Shizuku Hey, Shizuku!
Rin Hey, Rin!
Kati Hey, Kati!
Shion Hey, Ms. Kasugai!
Nana Hey, Nana!
Kaito Hey, Kaito!
Yuto What's up, Yuto?


Battle Arena

  • Every time I come here, I just want to get out and move! Do something!


  • Synthisters! I've got your back!

In Combat

  • What's with that scary look on your face?

Standing close to Touko

  • Hmm? Is there something on my face?
  • Why...are you standing so close to me?

Outside MOGRA

Electric Town Exit (Main Mission 5 - Patrol the Side Streets with Shizuku)

  • Akiba's supposed to be a place to feel safe and secure. Anybody that threatens that deserves an ass-kicking!

Main Street NorthEast (Main Mission 9 - Search for Shizuku)

  • Did we say something weird?

Battle Arena

Main Mission 10 - Train at the Battle Arena

Battle Arena

  • Training's all done, so let's get our butts back to MOGRA.

Main Mission 16 - Head to Akihabara Park

We have to report this to everyone. Let's head back to MOGRA.

Main Mission 27 - Meet with Managing Director Sakaguchi

In Combat

  • Hmm... Let’s take a little break.
  • What’s up? Something wrong?