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Tarou Megane
Tarou Megane.jpg
Race Human / Delusion
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Riyu Fan Club
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Akinori Egoshi
English Justin Briner

Tarou Megane (芽鐘タロウ Megane Tarou) is a character in Akiba's Beat.

AKA “Glasses” by Asahi Tachibana.

First seen when the Idol Delusion appears.

As Asahi and Saki investigate, Megane is thought to be one of the potential people to have brought about the delusion. As they continue to investigate the next day, Asahi and Saki question Megane again to see if his answers coincide with his answers from the day before. He however ends up giving different answers, leading the duo to think the Megane is the Deluser. When pressured, Megane runs away for a couple of days. He later comes back as Mippity’s fans start to revolt when Mippity has suddenly canceled her concert/event.

In reality, Megane is just Mippity‘s (aka Riyu Mimose) biggest fan. Even after the delusion has been nullified, Megane remains as a loyal fan to Mippity and wishes he could continue to see her grow as an idol.