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Tamotsu Denkigai
Tamotsu Denkigai.jpg
Race Human / Bugged One
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday October 10, 1998
Professional Status
Occupation Temporary Part-timer
Affiliation Denkimayo
Personal Status
Relatives Niwaka Denkigai (Sister)

Matome Mayonaka (Couple)

Voice Actors
Japanese Haruki Ishiya
English Alejandro Saab

Tamotsu Denkigai (伝木凱 タモツ Denkigai Tamotsu) is a main character and the lead protagonist in Akiba's Trip -The Animation-. He is a young man with an high interest of the Akihabara culture. He is the elder brother of Niwaka Denkigai and a well-recognised hobbyist in the city. He is usually hooked on many new things which are claimed to be hobbies, regardless of whether he had an initial interest in them yet devotes himself before moving on to another one. He is unusually stiff with his surroundings and people in general, but once he is immersed in one thing, his surroundings become invisible to him and he rushes in with high tension.

After being involved with the Bugged Ones and Matome Mayonaka, he receives a critical wound which left him in a near-death state. Matome being considerate of his situation and the fact that he saved her from the Bugged Ones, she enacts a blood contract to heal his wounds and also transferring her initial abilities as a synthister to him, thus being reborn and gaining superhuman abilities as a Bugged One. Due to Matome being a high class synthister, she retains her abilities and acts as the source of Tamotsu's powers. Bound by the contract, he is unable to leave Akihabara and takes on various part-time jobs to entertain his ever-changing hobbies.


  • Unlike the Akiba's Trip game series, he does not follow the theme of having the name Nanashi.