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Strip Action (ストリップアクション Sutorippuakushon), otherwise known as Stripping, is the main combat technique in Akiba's Trip, Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed and Akiba's Trip Festa!. It involves forcibly removing the target's clothing, thus exposing them to sunlight, to which Kageyashi and Synthisters are vulnerable, able to knock them out for some time. After sufficiently damaging an opponent's clothing with more conventional attacks, the user will get a "Strip Chance," which, if successful, may be chained to assault nearby opponents who have also had their clothing damaged. Various forms of the strip combat exist.

Types of strip:[]

  • Continuous Strip: the removal of garments by separation on a specific, targeted area; head, upper-body or lower-body.
  • Full Strip: the complete removal of clothing which allows mass dropping of loot. The loot collected from using this type of strip can be accessed an worn by the character or partner.
  • Unison Strip: a high-damage combo strip performed by the player and following partner. During Unison Strip, the partner character uses their signature weapon or fighting style.
  • Counter Strip: the reversal of an attack from an enemy resulting in a strip. The resultant strip is usually the enemy strip point.

Although the main plots of the game involve stripping women, there is a fair amount of males who can be stripped. The resulting strip is not as "exotic" as the females when stripped but the developers tried to focus on male sex appeal for players as well.

The stripping of major male characters is exclusive to the western release of Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed, created for fans to provide gender-balanced experience and to appeal as a un-sexist game. These male characters received strip sequence images. The Japanese version includes the codes for the image of the major male characters, as well as their stripped portraits but the idea seems to have been put down at the time.

Stripping characters are focused on which route the player, Nanashi, takes in the story. Some characters brawl the player for serious reasons, whereas others brawl in a more friendly manner. The gameplay mechanic called "Unison Strip" is exclusive to Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed. It involves Nanashi and a female partner, both of which combine attacks against one enemy and strips them of their clothing.

XSEED's reveal of male stripping portraits.


The △ button is used to target the opponents head, the □ button is the upper body and the ○ button is lower body which all will result in a "grab" and the more times pressed or length or duration held can result in a strip. (Y button for the head, B button for the upper body, A button for the lower body in the PC version).

The concept of stripping has been removed in Akiba's Beat, playing out as a rhythm-based action role-playing game. Although, the case of using items found still remain.