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Souga Kagutsuki
Souga Kagutsuki.png
Race Nighteater
Gender Male
Age 37 (370)
Height 185 cm
Weight 74 kg
Professional Status
Occupation ???
Affiliation Yagami Clan
Personal Status
Relatives Shizuku Tokikaze (Sister)

Rin Tokikaze (Sister)

Hobbies Reading


Special Ability Creation
Likes Family
Dislikes Destiny
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryouta Takeuchi
English Richard Epcar

Souga Kagutsuki ("Soga Kagustuki") | Kagutsuki Souga 輝月 宗牙 (かぐつき そうが)

Character Profile[]

Shizuku and Rin's "brother" (in the non-familial sense), he is a man of considerable clout among the Nighteaters. Because Nighteaters possess such extremely long lifespans, it's fair to say that he's been alive for far longer than most could ever know. Physically, his tall and handsome physique -- along with his unique wardrobe choices -- often see him mistaken for a foreign tourist in Akihabara. In actuality, he seems to be enacting some form of unholy master plan centered around the Synthisters in an effort to save his dying race... no matter the cost.


  • The clasp on Souga's bolo tie is the Valknut, a German symbol.