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Misaki Tanaka
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Professional Status
Occupation Student, Shut-in
Affiliation Akiba Freedom Fighters
Personal Status
Relatives Akihiro Tanaka (Brother)
Voice Actors
Japanese Miho Miyagawa

Sister () is a character from Akiba's Trip. She is the protagonist's—Nanashi's younger sister. Misaki is a young girl who used to attend school until she became a shut-in. She loves to tease her elder brother and loves money. She has a soft spot for cats and loves to try on new clothes, especially feline-based ones.

In the manga adapation, she is known as Misaki Tanaka (田中美咲 Tanaka Misaki).



Misaki has fair skin, light-brown eyes and black hair. Despite not going to school, she is usually seen with her uniform on as default. Misaki wears a checkered-lined skirt, black tank-top over a long-sleeved white shirt. She wears her red school-tie in a loose fashion and and mismatched socks. She often wears her cardigan over her clothing unless deciding to change so.

She is usually seen with stuffed toys during her free time.


Misaki is both aggressive and affectionate of her brother at the same time, knowing that he shares a similar backstory to her. She often tries to add compounds from that of a cat and does not hesitate to say what is on her mind.


  • Misaki (美咲) means "beautiful blossom".
  • Tanaka (田中) means "among rice paddies".
  • She shares similar traits with the Sister of the second game:
    • Both have a brother called "Nanashi".
    • Both are around the same age.
    • They are both shut-ins.
    • They both admire cats and cat merchandise.
  • She is the only sister character without a default name.