This page contains a list of shop present or of which make an appearance in Akiba's Trip 2 / Undead and Undressed. A majority of these shops are based off shops of Akihabara in real life. The shops also make an appearance in the first Akiba's Trip and Akiba's Beat. The main purpose of the shops are to purchase components, such as hardware items to boost character stats or personal items, such as clothing which also boost character stats.

  • Note that these shops are of the ones which were present during the development of the second Akiba's Trip and may not be there or altered in some form.

Akiba's Trip 2 maximum money: 9,999,999

The only way to reclaim broken clothes is to buy it back from 5Day's shop in the Electric Town Plaza. The shop can store up to the maximum of the latest 10 broken clothes. The broken clothes will stay in shop until bought back by the player. Any more clothes that break while exceeding the maximum limit of 10 whether upgraded or not, can't be reclaimed. If the main character you're playing as lose clothes because it's broken, the player can buy the piece of gear back at 5Day's shop for the price of 1000 Yen. Prices may vary depending on how much upgrades the broken clothes have.

Shops Edit

Radio Kaikan Area Edit

  • Art Shop
  • GAMERS Main Store

Electric Town Plaza Edit

  • 5Day's
  • AKW Café

Main Street SE Edit

  • Adores (Karaoke)
  • Granvania
  • LAMMTARRA Akihabara Store
  • Suit Store

Main Street SW Edit

  • GO!GO!CURRY Akihabara Chuo-dori Store
  • Mulan AKIBA Chuo-dori
  • sofmap Amusement-kan

Main Street NE Edit

  • animate Hon-kan
  • Hon Quixote
  • sofmap Hon-kan
  • Toranoana Akihabara Store A

Main Street NW Edit

  • Akiba✩sofmap No.1 Store
  • TRADER Main Store

Side Streets Edit

  • akibaoo No.2 Store
  • superpotato
  • TSUKUMO Personal Computer Main Store
  • TSUKUMO Personal Computer Main Store II
  • TSUKUMO Personal Computer Main Store III

Junk Street Edit

  • akibaoo No.5 Store
  • DOSPARA Akihabara Main Store
  • march-rabbit
  • Dear Stage (No function)

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