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The following is a list of quotations from Shizuku.


"MOGRA's just past UD+." Main Mission 1 - To the Freedom Fighter Base MOGRA

"Don't push yourself."

"What do you want?"


Chapter 1[]

  • Main Missions 1-13
Main Mission Title Quote Partner
Main Mission 2 Go to the Battle Arena "Let's do our best to drive away the Synthisters." Shizuku
Main Mission 3 A Stranger on Junk Street "Sorry to have you to do this on an empty stomach, but come with me." Shizuku
Main Mission 4 A Favor For Your Sister "Let me know when you're finished. I'll be right here waiting." N/A
Main Mission 5 Patrol the Side Streets with Shizuku "Let's hurry. The victims are growing with each passing moment." Shizuku
Main Mission 6 Rin's Street Performance "...I'm sorry. I don't know too much about idols." Touko
Main Mission 7 Shopping with Kati on the Side Streets "Looks like the app works perfectly." Kati
Main Mission 8 Patrol Junk Street with Shizuku "Junk Street, was it? I'm ready whenever you are." Shizuku
Patrol the Radio Kaikan Area Alone "Here's to keeping the number of Synthister victims to a minimum." N/A
Main Mission 10 Train at the Battle Arena "We'll have to face Zenya Amo eventually. Now's the best time to prepare for it." Shizuku
Main Mission 12 Patrol with Shizuku "We're patrolling Junk Street, right? Let's go." Shizuku
Main Mission 13 Hurry to Electric Town Plaza! "The northern plaza of the Electric Town exit... Let's hurry!"

Chapter 2[]

  • Main Missions 14-22

Main Mission

Main Mission 15 - Go to Akimori Shrine with Shizuku
  • I won't be a bother for long, I promise.
Main Mission 16 - Head to Akihabara Park
  • ...
Main Mission 17 - Deliver the Goods
  • What a beautiful story... Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes... *sniff*
Main Mission 18 - Cosplay Fest Begins!
    • Outside MOGRA
Main Mission 19 - Patrol Main Street Southwest with Kaito
  • ...
Mission 20 - Proceed As Instructed to Akimori Shrine 
  • Maybe we can sing the Striprism theme song if we go out for karaoke... It's nothing. Don't worry about it.
Mission 21 - Patrol Yodobashi Area with Shizuku
  • I'm sorry for causing so many problems for the Freedom Fighters. Just one after another...
Mission 22 - To the Battle Arena, Where Zenya Amo Awaits! 
  • We have no choice but to fight Zenya Amo. Let's go to the arena.

Chapter 3 []

  • Main Missions 23-27
  • The conversations in MOGRA will be a bit different depending on which route you get.
  • Depending on which route you're on, you will patrol with someone different.
Main Mission Title Quote Route
23 Patrol Main Street Southwest with Tohko "We must find out Soga's true intentions." Tohko
Patrol Akihabara Park with Shizuku Shizuku
Patrol Main Street Northwest with Rin Rin
Patrol Junk Street with Rin and Kati "Soga... What could you possibly be planning?" Shion
24 Hurry to the Suit Store with Tohko "Ms. Kasugai's email is worrisome. We need to hurry!" Tohko
Hurry to the Suit Store with Shizuku Shizuku
Hurry to the Suit Store with Rin Rin
Go to Akihabara Park with Ms. Kasugai "Why would Soga kidnap Kati...?" Shion

Help Tohko Pick Out a Smartphone

"I can't say it's been easy learning how to use a smartphone, but Rin's been a big help in figuring it out." Tohko
Go Figurine Shopping with Shizuku "(I can't wait... My very own Lili Oumi...)" Shizuku
Head to the Accessory Shop "(Striprism is so adorable...)" Rin
27 Meet with Managing Director Sakaguchi "I hope Ms. Kasugai's plan goes smoothly." Tohko
Operation Decoy, Commence! Shizuku
Carry Out the Plan! Rin


  • Akihabara feels like home to you, right?
  • Everywhere I turn, there's something new to see.
  • I wonder how many Synthisters are hiding in plain sight.
  • If you forget what you're supposed to do, check the TO DO app.
  • Leave the Synthisters to me.
  • Maybe it would be a good idea for me to get a cell phone too...
  • The sunlight is quite strong...
  • There are so many different kinds of people here.
  • This town's atmosphere is so...unique.
  • What a lively place.
  • What is it about this town that draws people to it, anyway?
  • What's over here?



  • Battle...start!
  • Leave the offense to me!
  • We can do this!
  • We have to fight!


  • ...I'll crush you!
  • Now, let's go!
  • If it gets too dangerous, it's all right to escape.
  • It's time to double team the enemy!
  • Let's be careful, okay?
  • Let's work together.
  • Let's finish this together!
  • Ngh... This isn't as easy as I'd hoped it would be.
  • Remember, always keep the sunlight in mind. Don't let yourself be too exposed.
  • So many enemies to fight...
  • Watch your opponent's moves carefully!
  • We're surrounded...?
  • You'll regret facing me.
  • Your fighting abilities have grown exponentially.

Enemy weakened[]

  • I think we can strip them now!

Enemy fully stripped[]

  • Seems you've become fairly adept at stripping.

Battle finished[]

  • ...There's no need to hold back in battle.
  • At least it's all over now.
  • Finally, we can take a little break.
  • I'll make sure to protect the future of Akihabara.
  • It should be safe to move on now.
  • Now, let's keep moving forward.


Character Quote
Tohko Oh, Tohko...
Shion Oh, Ms. Kasugai...
Nana Oh, Nana...
Kaito Oh, Kaito...
Yuto Oh, Yuto...


Location Quote
Outside MOGRA Now that's a scary face if I've ever seen one.
Battle Arena

Why would an establishment like this be in Akihabara?

Main Mission 10 - Train at the Battle Arena I'd like to see the results of your training sometime, but let's head back to MOGRA for now.
Standing close to Shizuku
  • It's embarrassing for you to keep staring at me like that...
  • You're...a little too close.
Synthisters Synthisters...! Let me help you!
Main Mission 18 - Cosplay Fest Begins! Glistening with purity, I am Sapphrism! Hee hee.
Fighting at a time like this? Get real.
vs Zenya
Main Mission 9 - Search for Shizuku This isn't your average brawl... Don't drop your guard!
Main Mission 22 - To the Battle Arena, Where Zenya Amo Awaits! Let's finish this right here!
Unison Strip Great!
Stare You've been staring for quite a while. Is something wrong?