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Shion Kasugai
Race Human
Gender Female
Age ? (26)
Height 172 cm
Weight 55 kg
Professional Status
Occupation President and CEO of a pharmaceutical company
Affiliation Daishihon Pharmaceuticals
Akiba Freedom Fighters
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Eriko Nakamura
English Megan Hollingshead

Shion Kasugai (霞会かすがい 志遠しおん Kasugai Shion) is a main character and a heroine from Akiba's Trip 2.


The president of a ubiquitous Akihabara drug conglomerate known as Daishihon Pharmaceuticals. Holds over 10 Ph.Ds and is considered a genius by all definitions -- a rank she was awarded at a very young age. Her guiding principle is to experiment first and theorize hypotheses later. As a result, she often tends to get her hands dirty by directly involving herself in product development and actively participating in all fieldwork, eager to see results for herself. Her curiosity got the better of her in regards to the "undead" beings supposedly wandering the Akihabara thoroughfares, leading her to become buddy-buddy with Nanashi in search of answers.


Shion Kasugai | 霞会志遠 (かすがいしおん)



『AKIBA'S TRIP2』キャラクタームービー 霞会志遠ver.

Shion Kasugai Character Trailer