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Saki Hoshino
Saki Hoshino.jpg
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 18
Birthday 3/3 (3rd of March)
Height 162cm
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Azusa Tadokoro
English Erica Mendez

Saki Hoshino (星野サキ Hoshino Saki) is a main character and a female protagonist in Akiba's Beat. She is an 18 year-old young woman and a professional student who moved to Tokyo to study a vocational course. She encounters a mysterious creature called Pinkun, who becomes her familiar and destroying delusions before her encounter with Asahi. She is initially referred to as the "Girl in Orange".

She carries the title, "The Innocent Daydreamer" (天真爛漫なデイドリーマー).



Saki has short golden-orange hair, fair skin and green eyes. She wears loose clothing and is dressed in orange for her trip to Akihabara. Her outfit consists of a white jacket with an orange line and checker pattern, a white neck-wrap top and a star-shaped necklace.

Her lower half consists of auburn orange shorts, a white belt, loose white socks and small, brown collared boots.

When Saki enters Imagine Mode, her appearance changes vaguely. Her eyes become orange and a small marking appears next to her left eye, as well as her left leg gaining an orange ring pattern associating with her eyes and the pattern correlating with it.


Saki has a general positive and happy attitude towards life. She is interested in various cultures, studies and even appearance. Saki easily becomes flustered when referred to with noble terms such as "Mistress".

Skills and Abilities[]

Saki fights using twin short swords called Spica. She primarily fights using quick attacks, spins and aerial skills. A lot of her skills relate to her name or the cosmos. Saki is able to extend the reach of her short swords when using the power of her Imagine Mode, allowing her to have a greater reach in distance when attacking enemies. She is also proficient in using healing skills.

When Saki activates her Imagine Mode, her eye colour changes to her signature colour, orange.



  • Saki (サキ, 咲) means "blossom".
  • Hoshino (星野) means "star field".
    • Hence the reason her Imagine Field features stars and fireworks.
  • Saki's signature colour is orange.
  • Her character song is『Glitter☆』.

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