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Rui Fumitsuki
Race Kageyashi
Gender Female
Age 16 (Temporal State)
Professional Status
Affiliation Kageyashi
Personal Status
Relatives Yuu Abeno (Brother)
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoko Hikasa

Rui Fumitsuki (文月ふみづき瑠衣るい Fumizuki Rui) is a main character in Akiba's Trip. She is a heroine and the lead female depending on the route chosen. She is a Kageyashi and the younger sister of Yuu Abeno. She gives the Nanashi a kiss after her brother nearly kills him, thus transferring some of her blood and turning the him into a a partial Kageyashi.

Rui is generally classed as the main heroine among fans because she is the only heroine who takes parts in each route as a central figure regardless of her affiliation.



Rui has fair skin, amber-brown eyes and long black hair, in which she has straight-cut bangs at front. As a long-lived being, Kageyashi's do not agree with the concept of age or aging, and that of which of it is applied to appearances. Despite the theme of chronology and timeline not being applied to her race, she is 16 if considered from a general perspective chronology. Rui initially wears school-type clothing throughout the story unless changed. Her outfit consists of a white shirt, and a black-linen tank-top-like blazer, as well as a short black skirt. She wears a red ribbon tied to the collar of her shirt and and cream coat in which she uses to initially hide herself from the sunlight exposure. Her outfit is finished off with mid-length black boots.


Rui is often quiet to the player after their encounter. When she gets the opportunity to speak up, she does. Depending on the route chosen, Rui develops a small crush for the player. She is also seen to have slight brother-sister affectionate feelings for her elder brother.


Depending on the choices the player, Nanashi, makes throughout the story, he may end up siding with her in the end. In both Akiba's Trip and Akiba's Trip PLUS, there is an unlockable mode that allows the player to play with Rui's model and her clothing, although the story does not change and characters will still refer to the player character with male pronouns.