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Rin Tokikaze
Race Synthister
Gender Female
Age ? (150, biologically 15)
Height 162 cm
Weight 49 kg
Professional Status
Occupation Nationally-ranked pop idol from Akiba
Affiliation Nighteaters
Daishihon Pharmaceuticals
Akiba Freedom Fighters
Personal Status
Relatives Shizuku Tokikaze (Sister)

Souga Kagutsuki (Brother)

Voice Actors
Japanese Hisako Kanemoto
English Eden Riegel

Rin Tokikaze (刻風ときかぜ りん Tokikaze Rin) is a main character and a heroine from Akiba's Trip 2. She is the younger sister of Shizuku Tokikaze. She is initially referred to as RIN/Rin.


Shizuku Tokikaze's younger sister. Left her village in pursuit of a missing family member, just as her sister did. Rin however, is far more aggressive than Shizuku, and fits into the Akiba lifestyle extremely well due to her sharp instincts for popular trends and her general love of all things hip and vogue. When taking the stage as an idol, she comes across as cool and in charge, but her hard outer shell instantly melts away whenever her dear "Sis" is involved. Seems to want to be at the fore-front of Shizuku's mind at all times, and tends to get rather hostile toward anyone who challenges her for that spot (read: you).