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The two Nanashi from Akiba's Trip and Akiba's Trip 2.

The Player (主人公 Shujinko, Protagonist), also known by their default name, Nanashi (ナナシ Nanashi) is the lead protagonist in the Akiba's Trip series. These include Akiba's Trip, Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed and Akiba's Trip Festa!.

There are a total of three players, each called Nanashi by default, and all are completely different characters but share similarities, such as their backstory, interests, and all have a sister who likes cats. The player is focal in joining Akihabara's unofficial protection force, the Akiba Freedom Fighters.

This Trip series commonly reuses a plot for the prologue of the story, where the protagonist would be in a endangered state and receive a kiss to form a blood contract with a female vampire-like being, resulting in the protagonist's increased sensitivity to sunlight, increased strength and endurance.

In the manga adaption of Akiba's Trip, the protagonist is called Akihiro Tanaka (田中アキヒロ Tanaka Akihiro). In the manga adaption of Akiba's Trip 2 / Undead and Undressed, the second protagonist is called Yuuki Kasugano (春日野 祐樹 Kasugano Yuuki).

Akiba's Trip Series[]

Akiba's Trip[]

Nanashi, the player, is an average High School student in love with Japan's animation and manga culture. That is the reason why he spends most of his time in Akihabara, Japan's most famous anime-manga culture "city of attractions". One day, he is attacked by a mysterious humanoid creature called a Kageyashi.

Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed[]

Nanashi is a TV animation culture-nerd living in the Akihabara district, called Akiba for short. Recently, however, Akiba has been overrun by Synthisters. Synthisters are special vampires who, rather than feast on blood, consumes the social energy of the citizens of Akiba.

Nanashi gets roped into this conflict by being lured in by the offering of rare character items and getting captured. He becomes turned into a synthetic hybrid or a half-synthister, only briefly until a purple-haired girl by the name of Shizuku Tokikaze saves him. Now these two, along with the unofficial Akiba Freedom Fighters, must fend off the Synthisters and save the citizens of Akiba.

In order to defeat these vampires, though, they must expose them to sunlight. Completely. As in they must completely strip them of their clothing. Only then will they be able to knock them unconscious.

Akiba's Trip Festa![]

In Akiba's Trip Festa!, Nanashi is saved by a foreign synthister referred to as Bell, after suffering from a wound.