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Niwaka Denkigai
Niwaka Denkigai.jpg
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 14-15
Professional Status
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Denkimayo
Personal Status
Relatives Tamotsu Denkigai (Brother)
Voice Actors
Japanese Marika Kouno
English Bryn Apprill

Niwaka Denkigai (伝木凱 にわか Denkigai Niwaka) is a main character and a heroine in Akiba's Trip -The Animation-. She is the younger sister of lead protagonist, Tamotsu Denkigai. She is a Middle School student who often hangs around Akihabara and just like her brother, she has an admiration of the Akihabara culture. Compared to the other sister characters, Niwaka seems to prefer a panda as her favourite animal instead of a cat.

Niwaka is often seen around her older brother and is often aiding him in his financial troubles or relaying a message back to their parents. Niwaka has a huge admiration for her brother, but also her senior friends, Matome Mayonaka and Arisa Ahokainen, who were all recruited to form an idol unit.