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Nana Nanao
Nana Nanao.jpg
Race Human
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Occupation Maid
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Azumi Waki
English Sarah Anne Williams

Nana Nanao (七尾ナナ Nanao Nana) is a character in Akiba's Beat.

She is a local maid at Akihabara often seen handing out flyers In the northern section of Main St.

Nana is the only maid-dressed character not to serve as a supporting maid character. However she can be encountered in her, along with other characters‘s sub-events where some of her past is revealed.

Nana’s real name is Nana Makishima. She is the daughter of the Boss of the Makishima family. Since the Makishima family is part of the Yakuza (mob), Nana never had the childhood she wanted. So in order to have a normal life, she ran away from home and assumed the name Nana Nanao.

Although her past seems to catch up to her as she enlists Asahi’s help when pirated DVDs are being sold in Akibahara. From there, one of the men who works alongside Nana’s father tries to find her so she can assume her father’s spot as the boss in the Makishima family. Here Nana finds out that her father has been in the hospital for some time due to an illness, which has allowed to infighting to arise. Be as it may, Nana still refuses to assume her father’s role but goes to extinguish the infighting.

In doing so, Nana fears sh e may have lost her job as a maid. However, Shareko comes to the rescue. She informs Nana that (after being paid a hefty price) she was able to create a cure for her father’s illness. as well as her job as a maid will remain intact (Nana is unaware the day is repeating). But as a result of curing her father, Shareko has been given reins to Might Club. and should Nana ever want to fight there or take command of it in the future, it is her’s to do as she pleases.