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Mizuki Aihara
Mizuki Aihara.jpg
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 20
Birthday 8/8 (8th of August)
Height 174cm
Professional Status
Occupation Student, Part-timer
Personal Status
Relatives Hazuki Aihara (Sister)
Voice Actors
English Ray Chase

Mizuki Aihara (藍原ミズキ Aihara Mizuki) is a main character and a male protagonist in Akiba's Beat. He is a 20 year-old college student and a high-braver in part-time jobs. Mizuki is Asahi Tachibana's childhood friend and a brother-like figure to him. In contrast to Asahi's free nature, Mizuki is the more serious and reliable type. He is the younger brother of Hazuki Aihara.

He carries the title, "The Intelligent and Beautiful High-Braver" (才色兼備なハイブレイバー).