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Matome Mayonaka
Matome Mayonaka.jpg
Race Human / Hazoku
Gender Female
Age 18 (Temporal State)
Professional Status
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Denkimayo
Personal Status
Relatives Tamotsu Denkigai (Couple)
Voice Actors
Japanese Rie Takahashi
English Jād Saxton

Matome Mayonaka (万世架 まとめ Mayonaka Matome) is a main character and lead heroine in Akiba's Trip -The Animation-. She meets Tamotsu Denkigai in Akihabara and finds him to be rather arrogant and quite a fool before her departure. During these events of her journey in Akihabara, she fights against multiple creatures who possess civilians and are known as the "Bugged Ones".

Encountering Tamotsu again who was in the process of saving his sister, comes back to protect Matome from a critical strike which left him in a deadly condition. Feeling sorrowful over his actions Matome decides to form a blood contract with Tamotsu which cures his wound and grants him an upgrade in his natural abilities, but coming at a price to his exposure to the atmosphere and restriction to not leave Akihabara. Matome's initial clan has been eradicating hostile Bugged Ones for over 300 years.


  • Her relationship with her brother mimics Rui Fumitsuki's from Akiba's Trip, as well as Shizuku Tokikaze's and Rin Tokikaze's from its sequel, Akiba's Trip 2.