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Kyouya Izanagi
Kyouya Izanagi.jpg
Race Human / Delusion
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Masakazu Nishida

Kyouya Izanagi (誘薙キョウヤ Izanagi Kyouya) is a character in Akiba's Beat.

Appears as a “boss” in the Chunni Delusionscape. The group avoids having to fight him, along with his encouragement, until they become stronger. Only to later have been a piece in the puzzle to prove Yamato Hongo is the Deluser of the Chunni Delusion. As well as a way for Yamato to accept his side that loves anime, manga, etc.

After the Chunni Delusion is nullified, Kyouya can be found in an alley along Main St. North Area. He even appears at times in some of the sub-events.

One of his recognizable traits is his manner of speaking.