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Race Delusion
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 166cm
Professional Status
Occupation Pink Cape Man
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Tetsuya Kakihara
English Todd Haberkorn

Kanon (カノン Kanon) is a character in Akiba's Beat. He is the main antagonist and serves as the final boss in the main game. Like the Akibahara Freedom Fighters that Mizuki Aihara created, he is also a delusion created by Kasuga Yuuki.


Ch.16: To Each, a Tomorrow[]

After Kurosaki got defeated, Kanon transported the heroes to a scenery of seeing shooting stars. And he has transformed himself into a deluser monster. He explained that the shooting stars falling are individual delusions and he questions them if they can still destroy this garden where all of people's wishes can come true. However, after Asahi's explanation to still make this decision to destroy the last delusion, he also said that delusions aren't something that can be given out like candy, they have to be caught. Kanon states delusions can't be caught. Then after realizing he can't convince the heroes to not destroy the delusion, he prepared for his final battle.

Eventually, he was defeated and returned to his avatar human form. Then he realized that the final delusion to end all delusions is gone, destroyed. He has shown a little regret, but respects the heroes for what they have done since they're the ones who made this decision. Asahi suddenly thanks him, much to Kanon's confusion. He explained that the reason why they made it this far is because Kanon made their delusions real and because of that, they were able to change and learn their lessons. Kanon however, stated that there's nothing they should thank him for. Asahi proclaims that even when tomorrow comes they will be able to remember and see this through to the end, but this feeling may be another delusion. But Kanon said that this kind of delusion can be chased and has finally admitted that someday, Asahi and the others will be able to catch it. Before he says his goodbyes, Asahi said that the urban legend of the "Pink-Caped Man" will still live on from the people of all Akihabara and assured that they will never forget him. Kanon is so grateful to hear about this, so he said his thanks and finally disappears.

Kanon then appears once again in the dark place asking the player if he wants to see what happened to the heroes in the aftermath. In the post-credits, his cape has been seen blowing in the wind.