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Kaito Tachibana
Kaito Tachibana.jpg
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 174 cm
Weight 61 kg
Professional Status
Occupation Home security
Affiliation Akiba Freedom Fighters
Personal Status
Relatives Yuuto Tachibana (Brother)
Voice Actors
Japanese Daiki Yamashita
English Todd Haberkorn

Kaito Tachibana (立花たちばな 戒斗かいと Tachibana Kaito) is a character from Akiba's Trip 2


An old acquaintance of Yuuki's. Older, but sees himself as a social equal since they're both ultra-hardcore otaku. And since he's so obsessive about his hobbies, he knows that if anything were to happen to Akihabara, it would effect his nerdy mojo.

Despite Yuuki being transformed into an inhuman monster of sorts, Kaito is indiscreetly envious of him for living out a trope-filled anime fantasy life.


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NPC Locations[]

Kaito can be found in the following locations during and before completing these Main Missions:

Location Main Mission Title Partner/Route
Electric Town Plaza 8 Patrol Main Street Northeast with Tohko Partner (Tohko)
12 Patrol with Shizuku N/A
Junk Street 6 Rin's Street Performance N/A
23 Patrol Main Street Southwest with Tohko Route (Tohko)
Main Street Southeast 23 Patrol Akihabara Park with Shizuku Route (Shizuku)
Main Street Southwest 23 Patrol Junk Street with Rin and Kati Route (Shion)
Radio Kaikan Area 5 Patrol the Side Streets with Shizuku N/A
8 Patrol Junk Street with Shizuku Partner (Shizuku)
Side Streets 24 Go to Akihabara Park with Ms. Kasugai Route (Shion)
Yodobashi Area 23 Patrol Main Street Northwest with Rin Route (Rin)