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The following is a list of quotations from Kaito.

Main Mission Quotes[]

Chapter 1[]

Main Mission 2 - Off to the Battle Arena

  • The arena... You think a champion'll be there?

Main Mission 5 - Patrol the Side Streets with Shizuku

  • A mysterious villain who targets Akiba, a protector of justice... This is straight out of Striprism.

Main Mission 6 - Rin's Street Performance

  • Rin's the number one idol in Akiba these days, you know?

Main Mission 8 - Patrol Junk Street with Shizuku / Patrol the Radio Kaikan Area Alone

  • ...What the-- Is that the exclusive figure from last year's event?!

Main Mission 9 - Search for Shizuku

  • Screw everything else! Let's play some baseball! ...I'm lying. Let's go look for Shizuku.

Main Mission 10 - Train at the Battle Arena

  • Let's just get this training over with! You'll do fine!

Main Mission 12 - Patrol with Shizuku

  • When I get a hold of that bastard Amo, I'm gonna kick his sorry ass so hard he'll kiss the moons!

Main Mission 13 - Hurry to Electric Town Plaza!

  • Return to MOGRA for your Report
    • You did it! Guess all that training paid off if you were able to beat a guy like Amo, right?

Chapter 2[]

Main Mission 15 - Go to Akimori Shrine with Shizuku

  • You were able to K.O. that Amo bastard, so they should be lying low for a while.

Main Mission 16 - Head to Akihabara Park

  • Nighteaters, huh? The name sounds cool and all, but I dunno...

Main Mission 17 - Deliver the Goods

  • What the hell?! That's like, super rare! Dude, share the wealth!

Main Mission 18 - Cosplay Fest Begins!

  • I'm gonna head over to a parts shop on Junk Street. Don't think it's too crowded right now, so I can just browse and browse to my heart's content! Heh heh.    

Main Mission 19 - Patrol Main Street Southwest with Kaito

  • Seriously, my luck has been ass lately. Not one rare card out of all those booster packs... It's the fault of all those damn Synthisters!                
  • Even doing a little bit at a time makes a huge difference in the end. C'mon, let's head back to MOGRA and report!                

Main Mission 20 - Proceed As Instructed to Akimori Shrine

  • All the late-night anime this season's been filled with white flashes, black bars, steam from the baths... You can't see half of what's going on! Hope none of that's in the Blu-ray box sets...

Main Mission 21 - Patrol Yodobashi Area with Shizuku 

  • Wouldn't it be awesome if Rin joined the Freedom Fighters? 

Main Mission 22 - To the Battle Arena, Where Zenya Amo Awaits!

  • We have to strengthen our patrols! Akiba's peace will be protected by the Akiba Freedom Fighters!

Chapter 3[]

Main Mission 23 (Tohko, Shizuku, Rin)

  • So, the mastermind finally takes the stage... That's cool and all, but what's your opinion on anime that does some weird, sparkly sound effect every time you get an upskirt shot?

Main Mission 23 (Shion) - Patrol Junk Street with Rin and Kati

  • What's something that exists only in Akiba? Otaku, maybe? But it's not like you can be an otaku for just anime and games. You can be an otaku over just about anything. And there's so many different kinds here...

Main Mission 24

  • Even an idiot can totally see how sketch that email is! You're walking right into a trap. Well, I sure hope it's not. For your sake...

Main Mission 24 (Shion) - Go to Akihabara Park with Ms. Kasugai

  • Between you, Shizuku and Rin, I feel like we ordinary humans are the minority in the Freedom Fighters. We've gotta work extra hard to pull our weight, I guess...or just leave everything up to you!

Main Mission 25 (Tohko) - Help Tohko Pick Out a Smartphone

  • (I can't let anyone see my secret 2D folder on my phone...)

Main Mission 25 (Shizuku) - Go Figurine Shopping with Shizuku

  • What?! A figure?! Then may I sugges- Hey, are you even listening?

Main Mission 25 (Rin) - Head to the Accessory Shop

  • If you're going to cosplay, make sure you're in character, too!

Main Mission 26 (Shizuku) - See What Ms. Kasugai is Up To

  • I think I've fit all the garage kits I can here. Think I should rent out a storage space or something?

Main Mission 27 - Meet with Managing Director Sakaguchi

  • When this is all over, I'm going to move back to the countryside, confess to my childhood friend, and gaze quietly down the river...