Race Kageyashi
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Voice Actors

JKV is a character in Akiba's Trip. She is the leader of a gang of Kageyashi who disguise themselves as schoolgirls in order to ensnare wealthy men looking to indulge in compensated dating. NIRO tasks the Player with defeating her. In order to defeat them, he must first have Shishou teach him the special technique of stripping high school girls' uniforms, which requires him to have his little sister wear the special uniform Cindy, in order that he can appreciate the unique fetishization possible with schoolgirls.

When confronted, she initially accepts the Player's advances, only to realise that his suit is actually of very low quality and he's playing her; she then tries to lose him, but slips up and uses old Japanese, revealing herself as an ageless Kageyashi and not a real high school girl. Once the Player engages JKV, her four cohorts appear and a mass battle ensues. In the end, she fails and gets knocked out.

Her real name is unknown; "JKV" is merely a codename given to her by NIRO. The "JK" in her code name refers to "high school girl", and the "V" to the five members of the group. She appears in the game's opening movie, fighting the Player.



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