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Hisayoshi Onda
Hisayoshi Onda.jpg
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Shigeo Kiyama

Hisayoshi Onda (音田ヒサヨシ Onda Hisayoshi) is a character in Akiba's Beat.

Responsible for Audio Delusion (1st Delusion to be encountered in Akiba’s Beat).

His delusion is brought about because he wishes that Akibahara would return to the way it use to be, when it was the city known for music. After his delusion is nullified, he leaves Asahi, Saki, and Pinkun to celebrate their victory, forgetting ever have met them.

He appears later on in the game to bring comfort to Asahi when he hit a rough patch, even though Onda doesn’t truly remember Asahi or what he and Saki did. Regardless, Onda tells Asahi he feels free and looks forward to the generations of the future, even that he looks forward to how Akibahara will be in the future.