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Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Idols
Personal Status
Relatives Members:
Clara (current)
Karen (current)
Alice (former)
Voice Actors

ClariS (クラリス ClariS) is a Japanese duo idol unit featuring Clara and Karen. The two original members were Clara and Alice, forming the unit Alice☆Clara (アリス☆クララ), before combining the two names to officially name the unit "ClariS". The unit contributed to the Akiba's series primarily through theme songs. Clara and Alice sang the opening theme song to the original Akiba's Trip game. Karen's debut to the series was through Akiba's Beat, where she and Clara are featured in the「again」theme song's album cover.

Alice left the duo unit in 2014, making time to spend with academic studies and future careers through university. This left her space to be resumed by Karen, with Clara remaining.


  • Clara (クララ) (current)
  • Karen (カレン) (current)
  • Alice (アリス) (former)


  • The name "ClariS" is taken from combining the the phonetic values from the original member's names, Clara and Alice.
    • Despite Karen taking up Alice's place, the name of the unit remains unchanged.