Brawl Combat, also known as Street Brawl fighting style, is one of the two main forms of combat in Akiba's Trip and Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed. It involves the player moving the character around in a dire situated area, whether it be inside a building or an open street and using attacks or techniques seen in common street brawl-based games. The techniques used vary from punches, kicks, push-shoves and grabs which result in a strip. The main two being punching and kicking which a section of the body, upper, middle or lower can be targeted. If an area is damaged to a certain standard, any items on that part of the enemy character's body can be removed. The result being that the player can use the item or sell them. If there were no items on the section attacked, it would make it easier to strip the other parts of the body due to lowering the opponents stamina. The other main form of combat is called Strip Action.

Controls:[edit | edit source]

The △ button is used to target the opponents head, the □ button is the upper body and the ○ button is lower body which all will result in a "grab" and the more times pressed or length or duration held can result in a strip. (Y button for the head, B button for the upper body, A button for the lower body in the PC version).

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