Bagurimono (バグリモノ (破繰者) Bagurimono), often translated as the Bugged Ones, are a race of monsters which lurk around Akihabara in Akiba's Trip -The Animation-. They replace the Kageyashi creatures which appear in the original game. They are only known as an urban legend to normal citizens. Their numbers increase by attacking people, and any afflicted human beings will have part of their hair discoloured. Those affected will have an increase in their physical abilities, far exceeding a regular person.

The creatures cannot leave or exit Akihabara by any form due to the barrier placed around the city. They are vulnerable to the open atmosphere, to the point where, if they take their clothes off, would be consumed only by the are of skin that is touching the open atmosphere, namely sunlight. They are defeated where they are completely naked or in their underwear only, where most would even vapourise.

There are primarily three types of Bagurimono creatures. These include:

  • Kurobagu (クロバグ)
  • Lower Class Bagurimono (下級バグリモノ)
  • Higher Class Bagurimono (上級バグリモノ)