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Asahi Tachibana
Asahi Tachibana.jpg
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday 1/1 (January 1st)
Height 173cm
Professional Status
Occupation NEET
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Toshiki Masuda
English Chris Patton

Asahi Tachibana (立花アサヒ Tachibana Asahi) is a main character and the lead protagonist in Akiba's Beat. He is a 19 year-old young man who had moved to Tokyo in pursuit of higher education but dropped out and has since been living the NEET life in Akihabara. But one day, he encounters an “eroded delusion.”

He carries the title, "The Ultimate Miracle NEET" (完全無欠のミラクルニート).



Asahi has spiky black hair, pale skin and grey-lavender eyes. He outfit consists of a black shirt which has "NEET" written on it and a white jacket with black stripes. He has an ear piercing on his left ear and wear a chain necklace. His lower half consists of blue jean-like pants and white shoes with a similar colour-palette to his jacket.

When Asahi enters Imagine Mode, his appearance changes vaguely. His eyes become red and a small marking appears under his right eye, as well as the right-arm of his jacket gaining an red pattern associating with his eyes and the pattern under his eye.


Asahi has a happy-go-lucky attitude which can help break the mood. Despite his happy demeanor, he is actually rather quiet most of the time unless someone starts a conversation with him. He does not like working in general and will stop doing anything which he does not find satisfying or does not have a meaning. Asahi does not like hurting other people.

Skills and Abilities[]

Asahi fight using a long sword called Daybreak. He generally does not like fighting or being involved in fights. Asahi primarily fights with long sword slashes and close-combat techniques. His attacks focus on linking combos and high speed movements. His elemental attribute is fire.

When Asahi activates his Imagine Mode, his eye colour changes to his signature colour, red. All slash techniques also gain a red wave effect.



  • Asahi (アサヒ, 朝日 or 旭) means "sunrise" or "morning".
  • Tachibana (立花) means "standing flower".
  • Asahi's signature colour is red.
  • His character song is『Replay』.
  • Asahi is the only central protagonist not to have a sister character.

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