Arisa Ahokainen
Arisa Ahokainen.jpg

Race Human
Gender Female
Age 18-19
Professional Status
Occupation Idol

Exchange Student

Affiliation Denkimayo
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuki Nagaku
English Natalie Hoover

Arisa Ahokainen (有紗・アホカイネン, Arisa Ahokainen) is a main character and a heroine in Akiba's Trip -The Animation-. She is a half-Japanese transfer student from Finland. The main reason she had moved to Japan was because she loves its diverse culture and more specifically has a strong admiration for the Akihabara culture. She first encounters Tamotsu Denkigai when shopping for a specific figurine to which she also befriends him as an ally in both force and interest.

Arisa loves cosplaying and despite being a regular human being, she possesses strong abilities compared to that of Tamotsu and Matome Mayonaka, having studied in many different martial arts styles, and as well as the fact that she was temporarily trained by a Chinese martial arts master.

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