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The arena from Akiba's Trip 2.

The Arena (闘技場 Tōgi-ba) is an enclosed area in which the player can participate in battle for rewards in Akiba's Trip 2. The arena is run by Antoinette and split up into seven difficulty grades, from the easiest, Grade F, to the hardest, Grade S. Once victorious, by once again re-entering the player can earn the next grade warfare.

The Arena resides on the side of Akihabara and can be visited anytime during the story, after the first encounter battle. The player can take a chosen IA partner with them to participate in battles. The goal of them arena is to master the art of the stripping technique and unlock the hardest difficulty, "Antoinette Warfare", where the player fights off against the head of the arena herself.

Grades and Rewards[]

Grade F (グレードF)[]

  • First set:
  • Second set: cans
  • Third set: tennis rackets, soccer balls, red sneakers
  • Clear reward:undressing skills

Grade E (グレードE)[]

  • First set: Recorder
  • Second set: magic stick, cans
  • Third set: satchel, smart books, soccer balls, 1000 yen
  • Clear reward:undressing skills

Grade D (グレードD)[]

  • The first set: notebook PC
  • Second set: the new tower, Norenba
  • Third set: harisen, wooden donation boxes, tray
  • Clear reward: 10,000 yen, undressing skills "Practical Martial Arts Encyclopedia"

Grade C (グレードC)[]

  • First set: pom
  • Second set: the labor No. 13, iron donation boxes, soccer ball
  • Third set: tray, harisen, black cat punch, Paro
  • Clear reward: 18,000 yen, undressing skills "recommended the classic comic"

Grade B (グレードB)[]

  • The first set: iron donation box, double-drill, the new tower
  • Second set: magic stick, Mini, kebab bar
  • Third set: pom, 12-Inch Nails, double drill
  • Clear reward: 30,000 yen, undressing skills "Asuka flow Ninjutsu widely"

Grade A (グレードA)[]

  • The first set: the anti-material rifles, labor No. 13, school bag, broom
  • Second set: model gun, sacred Shinto tree branch, water gun
  • Third set: batons, twin Sobu, (Zongerian)
  • Clear Reward: 50,000 yen, undressing skills "Moeyo Pro Wrestling"

Grade S (グレードS)[]

  • The first set: water gun, black cat punch, three colors psyllium
  • Second set: beat plate, Pikopiko hammer/ pow-pow hammer, magic stick
  • Third set: 12 inches Nails, metal bat, Pharaoh, black cat punch, magic stick
  • Clear reward: 200,000 yen, undressing skills "telekinesis that can be anyone."

Antoinette Warfare (アントワネット戦)[]

  • Select "I want to fight Antoinette" after the clearance of Grade S.