Akiba Freedom Fighters (アキバ自警団 Akiba Jikeidan, "Akiba Vigilante Squad" / "Akiba Vigilance Committee") also known as the Akiba Vigilance Committee, is an organization group sometimes dubbed "Akiba's Freedom Fighters" in a possessive form, which act as a protection force in the Akiba's series. As their title suggests, they are focused in Akihabara. They appear with a different setting and set of characters in each game. They appears as the protagonist group in the Trip series, Akiba's TripAkiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed and Akiba's Trip Festa!, whereas they are initially a major antagonistic group to the main characters in Akiba's Beat.

Plot Usage[edit | edit source]

Akiba's Trip[edit | edit source]

The term first appeared in the first game of the series, Akiba's Trip. It is an unofficial group who roam the streets of Akihabara as the citizens personal protection force. The player joins this group earlier on and with the aid of his comrades, he strips down the mysterious humanoid monsters known as the Kageyashi, hoping that as a result, it will free and return Akihabara to its original status of peace and freedom.

Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed[edit | edit source]

In Akiba's Trip 2 / Undead and Undressed, the Akiba Freedom Fighters are first seen as Yuuki Kasugano, the protagonist, coincidentally escapes with a mysterious woman called Shizuku Tokikaze from a scam which modified his body into a synthetic human-vampire but was subdued by a blood contract with her and later decide that they need a hiding place from their pursuers from the "Magaimono Organization". That place was to the Akiba Freedom Fighters group, where Yuuki and his close friends: Kaito Tachibana, Yuto Tachibana, Touko Sagisaka, Kati Raikkonen, his sister Nana Kasugano, the boss and leader titled "Master"—Kihachi Sugiyama, hang out and use the bar called MOGRA as a base.

Akiba's Beat[edit | edit source]

In Akiba's Beat, the main characters encounter the Akihabara Vigilance Committee throughout their adventure of the delusions met during the repeating sundays. The team of the Akiba Vigilance Committee consists of three characters, (unlike the previous two games which are focused on the main characters) those three characters being: a man proclaiming his name as "Leader", twin sisters Akari Hozuki and Aoi Hozuki .

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