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Akiba's Trip Festa!
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Title Name AKIBA'S TRIP Festa!
Developer(s) Acquire, DMM Games
Publisher(s) Acquire
Release date JP: November, 2016
Genre Adventure game, Beat 'em up, Action role-playing

Akiba's Trip Festa! (アキバズトリップ フェスタ! Akibazutorippu Fesuta!, AKIBA'S TRIP Festa!) is a 2016 PC browser and mobile game developed by Acquire and DMM Games. It is the fourth game of the Akiba's series and the first of the series to be officially released as a browser and mobile application. The game carries on the concept of the Trip subset series and released in November 2016 for Japan. DMM end the game service at 14:00 September 22 2017.


In Akiba’s Trip Festa!, an undressing fighting tournament called “Festa” takes place in Akihabara. The protagonist, a member of the Akiba Freedom Fighters, one day has his lips stolen by a girl named Bell, who lost her memory. It was not a feeling of love, but rather a “contract of blood” from a Synthister. The protagonist, who becomes the girl’s kin, decides to gather the attention of the people by participating in the Festa as a representative of the Akiba Freedom Fighters in order to find people that know her and help regain her memory.


Festa's rule, like the previous entries in the Trip series, is to take off the opponent's clothing to knock them out. In battle, the strip button is used to weaken the enemy. By stripping the enemy of their clothing via the strip action mechanic, the player can obtain the clothes as loot. During combat, the target is not only to choose the attack and formation, but also the placement of trigger skills and characterization of which can even be accessed at any time; assess the timing of the attributes and the relative merits of skills activated, the battle will progress advantageously. The game introduces the most number of heroines a single title has received for the series. The hideout for the game is a maid cafe rather than a bar as seen in the other titles of the Akiba's series.

During battle, the player will fight against a variety of rivals, make allies, and grow as both a human and an undressing-based fighter. By winning through the tournament and becoming the top team, the player will come to know the hidden darkness of the Festa and the evil conspiracy set to attack Akihabara. Clothing items obtained can be equipped outside battle to any preferred heroine character. Taking a certain heroine into battle will allow the player to build a relationship with the chosen character and increase affection level with her. Building affection with the female character will allow the player to unlock new stories for the chosen heroine which also add to the development of their character, as well as unlocking intimate options

Development and Release[]

The game began development during 2015, when the concept of the console it were to be release on was unclear. To attract various fans, a long list of heroines were created with unique qualities, personality and traits so that the user finds the heroine suited for their taste. To divert between the development of Acquire's other concurrent title, Akiba's Beat, of which was being developed at the same time, Acquire decided to divert from Festa! from being a console title and into something different. The game received and shares the same character designer as Akiba's Trip 2, Akio Watanabe (PoyoyonLock).


Pre-registration for the game began on September 12, 2016. Pre-registered users will receive a special present and by playing a PC browser-only “Icharabu Demo,” players could receive another bonus when service officially began in November. An official twitter account was opened for the game to inform users of news and also promotes the previous titles in the series, as well as the animation.


Akiba's Trip Festa! Logo


  • Akiba's Trip Festa! is the first game to carry over a concept, the Synthister race, from a previous installment of the series, Akiba's Trip 2. The game uses the Akiba Freedom Fighters group just like all the games in the series.
  • Akiba's Trip Festa! is the third title of the series where the protagonist forms a contract—given blood to drink and transformed into a hybrid of a human and a vampire-like race.

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