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Akiba's Trip -The Animation-
Studio(s) Gonzo
Air date Spring 2017:
January 2017 - March 2017
Genre Action, Fighting, Comedy

Akiba's Trip: The Animation (アキバズトリップ ジ・アニメーション Akibazutorippu ji animēshon, AKIBA'S TRIP -THE ANIMATION-) is an anime series produced by Gonzo based roughly on the Akiba's Trip game series. It is also known as Akibani. The series takes place as a parallel to the events of the games. Gonzo produced the animation to commemorate the studio’s 25th anniversary. Hirsohi Ikehata directed the series.

Adapting some bits of the games’ plot, the series takes place in the the Japanese geek paradise of Akihabara, where the culture dork, Tamotsu Denkigai, all of a sudden learns that vampire-like creatures called the “Bugged Ones” have been causing havoc across the city..


The setting of the story, Akihabara, is used as the main focus as it is with all of the series. The game is centered around the inner city of Akihabara which the protagonists use as their base whilst also fending off any threats.

Tamotsu Denkigai is a common young man who loves the inner city of Akihabara. He has a special liking for the Japanese culture which often causes him to speak excessively about his common interests, such as radios, figurines, DVDs and animations. He just so happens to encounter a girl one day called Matome Mayonaka which later causes him to be involved with the dark havoc in the midst of Akihabara. Along with his sister, Niwaka Denkigai and fellow foreign nerd-friend, Arisa Ahokainen, they work together as the opposing forces of the "bugged ones".

The Bugged Ones (バグリモノ) are bloodthirsty monsters that disturb the peace in Akihabara. They are low-class types.The term also encompasses the general enemies. Bugged ones are shadowy figures until they possess humans. Once possessed, the person will have highlights in their hair.


Tamotsu Denkigai

Matome Mayonaka

Niwaka Denkigai

Arisa Ahokainen