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Race Human / Digital
Gender Female
Birthday December 6
Height 151 cm
Weight None (1.51 GB)
Professional Status
Occupation Mascot Character
Affiliation ACQUIRE
Personal Status
Relatives ACQUIRE Corp.
Voice Actors
Japanese Akari Kitō
English Kira Buckland

Acquire-Chan (アクワイアちゃん Acquire-chan) is a character in Akiba's Beat. She is the mascot character of the producer company and serves as a supporting maid character in the game. Acquire is a secret character that can only be encountered after clearing the game.

Her official character profile states that she was originally a part of a 2.5 dimensional game, and that she was able to force herself out of the game whilst managing to retain her psyche and initial body form. Furthermore, she is able to travel between the 2.5 dimension and the real word, hence explaining her appearance in Akiba's Beat.

Like all characters from the Akiba's series. She is given a personality with likes and dislikes. She enjoys talking about games, specifically action ones and also ones that remain in the heart. She has a sparkling personality and loves online or internet discussions. It also states that in real life she can be slightly shy. Moreover, she is said to be pure, solemn and always give it her best. Her weak trait is that she can sometimes be volatile.

She also makes multiple cameos in Akiba's Trip -The Animation-.